Hoi An and Hue listed in “12 Amazing Asian Cities You Should Visit Before You Die”
The Culture Trip has explored the 12 most amazing Asian cities that everyone should aim to visit at least once in their lifetime.

According to The Culture Trip, Hoi An is one of the most beautiful Vietnamese cities. Its Old Town is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as the area has over 2000 years of history. Back then, Hoi An used to be the main strategic port of the Cham Kingdom, where they controlled the spice trade. From the 16th to the 17th century, it was an important international port, and influences from all around are still reflected in Hoi An, even though the main cultural heritage comes from the Cham people, followed by the Chinese. The Old Town is incredibly beautiful to walk around, with all its narrow and winding lanes, and Chinese style shop houses – it gets even more atmospheric at sunset. It is also very common, and good value for money, to go to the local tailor for custom made suits.

The World’s Top 15 Cities
Every year, we ask our readers to rate the best cities in the world, and the results continue to surprise us. Not only do newcomers sometimes float to the top, but longtime favorites also continue to reappear — a testament to a destination’s enduring popularity. This year’s group of winners span the globe, from market-filled Hoi An in Vietnam to Florence, a European culture capital. Of note, however, is what ties these contenders together: Almost all are pedestrian-friendly, possess ample green space, and have a rich history that’s being thoughtfully preserved as the city grows.

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Score: 92.12

2. Charleston, South Carolina, Score: 91.54

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand, Score: 91.40

4. Kyoto, Japan, Score: 91.13

5. Florence, Italy, Score: 90.75

6. Oaxaca, Mexico, Score: 90.41

7. Hoi An, Vietnam, Score: 90.31

8. Cape Town, South Africa, Score: 90.24

9. Ubud, Indonesia, Score: 90.13

10. Luang Prabang, Laos, Score: 90.10

11. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Score: 89.94

12. Rome, Italy, Score: 89.73

13. Siem Reap, Cambodia, Score: 89.57

14. Udaipur, India, Score: 89.54

15. Barcelona, Spain, Score: 89.52


Hội An, Top City – Wanderlust Travel Award 2016
In the list of top country, New Zealand is voted the most with the rate of 97,333%. Vietnam is ranked the nineth with  95.690% votes.

In the top city list, Hoi An was ranked the first.
“A melting pot of cultures, Hoi An proves to be hotting up your travels as it fends off serial toppers Bagan and Luang Prabang (last year’s winner) to head the list. Home to Chinese shophouses, French colonial buildings, Vietnamese tube houses and the Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An’s charming concoction of influences have certainly made their mark on you.”, stated Wanderlust.


1. Hoi An, Vietnam 98.5%

2. Tromso, Norway 98.33%

3. Bagan, Burma 96.92%

4. Cusco, Peru 96.23%

5. Kyoto, Japan 96%

6. Venice, Italy 95.38%

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands 95.2%

8. Luang Prabang, Laos 94.67%

9. Tallinn, Estonia 94%

10. Siem Reap, Cambodia 93.84%

Hội An, ranked 8th in 10 best cities to visit in Asia

Hoi An, Vietnam

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An Ancient Town remains a trading port, just as it was from the 15th to 19th centuries as it thrived in the spice trade. The fact that it’s so well-preserved attracts foreigners who come to see the poster child for traditional Southeast Asian ports. One-time merchant homes represent Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese styles and are now a mix of antique shops, eateries, and galleries.

Wander among canals and bridges, including the Japanese Covered Bridge, first built in the 1590s by the Japanese to connect them with the Chinese community. The river is a hub of activity, offering up activities such as boat rides, fishing-like-a-local lessons, and al fresco dining. Or take a visit to nearby beaches and islands. For the fashionable set, Hoi An is known for its tailors—it’s home to hundreds of them—who can make you a custom-made coat or dress just by looking at a photograph.

If you can line up your visit on the 14th day of a lunar month, you’ll get to experience Hoi An aglow via traditional colored lanterns, as the town shuts off its electric lights and shuts down to motorized vehicles. The lantern festival offers a glimpse at what life was like hundreds of years ago.

1. Beijing, China

2. Singapore, Singapore

3. Hong Kong, China

4. Mumbai, India

5. Bangkok, Thailand

6. Tokyo, Japan

7. Seoul, Korea

8. Hoi An, Vietnam

9. Siem Reap, Cambodia

10. Taipei, Chinese Taipei